Covid-19 May Trigger Autoimmune Conditions; New Variants Brings Up More Virus In The Air Route

The COVID-19 new variant can trick the immunity system of the human body. Moreover, as per the latest study, the researchers came with this vital point. The new nature identifies the variant to be a producer of “anti-bodies”.

Covid-19 May Trigger Autoimmune Conditions; New Variants Brings Up More Virus In The Air Route

However, these external elements have the potential to cause harm to the existing healthy tissues. As per a research paper of Nature Communications, people can get inflammatory diseases due to the severe COVID-19 virus.

Covid-19 May Trigger Autoimmune Conditions; New Variants Brings Up More Virus In The Air Route

The study involved around 41 healthy volunteers and 147 patients attacked by a coronavirus. After the immediate admission, the doctors let the researchers experiment and track the condition of the virus and the antibodies. In more than 50% of the admitted patients, the antibodies were visible in the blood. Extensive studies of the blood samples gave amazing results.

The Final Outcome Of The Study

Within a week of admission, autoimmune conditions and antibodies were found in the blood of about 20% of the 48 patients under the study. These issues were not present before. Hence, eminent scholar Dr. Paul Utz suggested a vaccination for all. He said that it is impossible to predict whether the case will be mild or severe after you get coronavirus. Therefore, precautions are mandatory.

If the virus triggers autoimmunity, then it can be lifetime trouble. Till now, doctors haven’t studied whether these antibodies remain in the body even after a year. But the autoimmune disease can always be the case in case of severe attacks of COVID-19.

Power Of The New Variant

According to a new study, the COVID-19 virus is now changing nature and traveling through the air. People infected with the Alpha variant are likely to spread the virus more in aerial mode. As per the specialists, the Alpha variant affected patients have more viruses in saliva and nasal swabs. However, they exhaled more amounts in the air leading to a high increase of the virus in the air. It is prominent from a report on Clinical Infectious Diseases.

A researcher of the University of Maryland School of Public Health suggested that the current Delta variant is more contagious than the previous one. With air traveling, the variants are getting more powerful. Therefore, people need more tight-fitting masks as a preventive measure. Only vaccination cannot help alone to fight against the deadly virus. People need to be cautious about improved ventilation and sanitization.

Effects On The Cancer Patients

Studies revealed that cancer patients are more likely to be infected by the COVID-19. However, it has been seen that they are responding faster after vaccinations. In a recent trial, researchers found that the majority of the cancer patients who were undergoing chemotherapy showed positive results after the second dose of vaccination. Moreover, they did not experience any side effects in the post-vaccination period.

All these results indicated that the cancer patients are responding well to the vaccination. Moreover, the antibodies are formed after the second dose and were working favorably. The researchers also studied the effects of the same antibodies in individuals without cancer. Unbelievably, the effects in the cancer patients showed a new hope. The doctor stated that such an outcome is a positive message for all cancer patients who fear the danger of coronavirus. It is a reassuring incident for the doctors too.

Vaccination is thus a must affair to get rid of the coronavirus in the long run. Since no one is familiar with the changed characteristics of the new variants, preventive measures are the only safeguards. Triggering of the autoimmune conditions can make several of your body parts weak. Therefore, it is better to take precautions before the situation becomes uncontrollable. A single dose of vaccination will not be enough. Both doses are a must to protect yourself against the virus.

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