‘COVID Made His Cancer Seem Like A Piece Of Cake,’ Says Jeff Bridges, The Actor

According to Jeff Bridges, who said on Monday that he is in remission from lymphoma and that he has been feeling much better after acquiring COVID-19, despite the fact that the virus had his illness “appear like such a piece of cake.” COVID had a significant impact on him, but he has now had a second vaccination and is doing much better, according to his website. He’d heard that the vaccination might be beneficial to those who drive Long Haulers, he said. Could it be that this is the reason for his rapid improvement?

‘COVID Made His Cancer Seem Like A Piece Of Cake,’ Says Jeff Bridges.

According to the media, Bridges, 71, revealed in October 2020 that he’d been stricken with lymphoma, a form of blood cancer and that he had had treatment. At the time, he said that the prognosis was “excellent” and that he would begin treatment immediately. But there was much more than his fans wanted to know about the actor and his health.

The 9-inch by 12-inch lump, which Bridges described as the size of a marble, has reduced to the size of a marble, he said on Monday. A previous update, written in March but not yet published, stated that he acquired COVID-19 while undergoing chemotherapy treatments. He provided the link to that earlier update.

‘COVID Made His Cancer Seem Like A Piece Of Cake,' Says Jeff Bridges.

Bridges with his wife, Sue, became ill and were transported to the intensive care unit together, he wrote. She was in the hospital for five days, and he’s in the hospital for five weeks.

According to him, the reason he has been in the hospital for so long is that his immune system has been compromised by chemotherapy. His dance of COVID makes his illness seem as if it were a piece of cake in comparison.

Despite experiencing “tremendous agony” and believing he was “getting near to the pearly gates,” Bridges said that he was content and grateful for his life at the time. Aside from that, he said on Monday that he had had oxygen support to move about, but that with the help of treatment, he was able to achieve his dream of leading his daughter down the hall at her wedding. He was also able to take pleasure in the father-daughter dancing without the aid of oxygen. His favorite part about it is the sound it produces, which he compares to Darth Vader.

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