Cancer Sufferers Are Being Pushed Aside By Those Who Have Not Been Vaccinated

Dr. Megan Frost is making difficult phone calls to cancer patients, informing them that their operations may be delayed by weeks, if not months, as Rogue Valley hospitals struggle to cope with an unprecedented influx of COVID-19 patients. Patients will not die instantly, according to Frost, but the delays will allow their disease more time to develop, which may possibly shorten their lives. According to her, if surgery is performed promptly, a patient may live an additional 20 years. Still, if the procedure is delayed, the patient’s life expectancy may be reduced to five years.

Cancer Sufferers Are Being Pushed Aside By Those Who Have Not Been Vaccinated

Frost, who happens to be a surgeon, said that cancer patients are suffering as a result of the delayed treatment and that they are unhappy, frightened, disappointed, and furious. As of Wednesday, 179 individuals have been admitted to Asante’s 3 hospitals in Medford, Ashland, and Grants Pass for COVID-19-related complications. According to Asante, 94 percent of those who attended were unvaccinated.

Medical professionals in the Rogue Valley convened an online news conference on Tuesday to lay out the grave scenario that COVID-19 patients and anybody else in need of advanced medical treatment are now in.

Cancer Sufferers Are Being Pushed Aside By Those Who Have Not Been Vaccinated

However, to medical experts, unnecessary surgery is nothing more than a routine procedure. A surgeon’s team meets every day to determine which operations are the most important and must be done. Still, they are unable to execute the overwhelming majority of the cases, according to Frost.

Hospitals have transformed operating rooms, emergency departments, and any other available space into locations where patients may be cared for and monitored. For the sake of this discussion, hospital personnel said that if a room has power and the capability of administering oxygen, it is being utilized. Every day, 10-20 individuals who are sick enough to need hospitalization are forced to board in the Grants Pass emergency department owing to a shortage of available beds in the facility.

The treatment of patients has been coordinated by surgeons, physicians, nurses, and other employees from various organizations, according to Dr. Scott Nelson, a physician with Asante Physician Partners.COVID-19 has the potential to have long-term consequences for children, including heart disease. The heart, brain, kidneys, eyes, and other organs of the body may become inflamed as a result of the condition known as a multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MSIS). The condition has the potential to be fatal.

Hospital workers say that even though the Asante hospital system has already been preparing for a potential COVID-19 surge for 18 months and has brought in even more ventilators, there is a need for ventilators can spike in just a few hours if an unusually great amount of people need to be fed through a tube at the same time, according to hospital officials.

Approximately 116 troops are dispersed throughout the Asante medical system in the Rogue Valley, doing a variety of tasks ranging from washing rooms to answering the phone to transporting desperately needed supplies. It is necessary for them to do non-medical duties since National Guard soldiers with medical training cannot be excused from their civilian employment in the health care industry. She said that the state government is assisting in the recruitment of 110 out-of-state nurses to work with Asante nurses this week.

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