About Us

As a team, Giving Comfort provides relevant and consistent information on how to prevent and treat cancer. We give strength to uplift the Cancer inflicted patients and family members. Our Team shares expert information, giving insights to people around the globe. We spread the word on Cancer Survivors and give support to fight cancer.

Who We Are

Giving Comfort is a community dedicated to prevent and eliminate cancer from the world. Our action committee measures and monitors the community for assessment of cancer. We have associated medical practitioners for eliminating cancer. We have a presence in the world to ensure cancer prevention in the future also.


Over 10 million people die worldwide due to Cancer. Our vision is to give a supporting hand to cancer patients. Altogether, we wish to shower light on families of cancer patients with our care and service.


We strive to eliminate cancer from the globe by caring and supporting cancer patients with manpower and resources. We have definite ideas and goals to prevent cancer on a traditional level as well as global extent.

Our Quality

We save innumerable lives with the help of our guidance on Cancer treatment. The campaigns and research educate people on preventive measures of cancer. We ensure every person gets relevant facts on cancer with our R & D.